Be The Fierce Megalodon Expert Annihilating All Giant Crabs

hungry shark world guide

With some stunning 3D graphics and more than 75 different missions to accomplish, the Hungry Shark Evolution is more than a game where a shark eats up as many creatures as possible and earns points. This is more the case when you begin the game, but as pro player, it is more of a strategic game than that of a survival one. There are plenty of accessories and gadgets with which you can equip your shark to become the ruler in the open waters of the vast sea.

As the name suggest, your quest is always to evolve as a better and stronger shark that is more voracious than ever and also attacks it’s enemies with the utmost skill to overpower them. After all, the big shark that you become the bigger are your enemies, and more are their strengths. You have to make use of your specific power to target them and expose their weakness so that you emerge the winner unscathed.

This is exactly what happens when you are playing at the higher level six and have unlocked the Megalodon. You have to unlock the Hammerhead Shark before you get to this fierce creature that is virtually invincible if you know how to use it well. The biggest enemy of the Megalodon is the Giant Crab that is all set to attack it with it’s pincer. It is to be found in it’s lair that is on the left section of the map

Once you are able to avoid three strikes from it’s pincers, you can expose the weakness of the Giant Crab through the glowing indicator on it’s top. Once you see a glow move quickly to the deal yet another damage with a Boost Attack. You will have to go by the indicator color to understand the extent of damage that you still have to carry out. Green indicates that the Crab is in good health, orange means health is down fifty percent and red means that it is near death, and you are close to winning the battle. Oh man am experiencing the same in my game i wish if i could found any way to trick this step in the game. i think i should have to google about How to hack hungry shark world game..just kidding.

Get a Crab Fork attached to your shark to maximum effect when you launch the attack. This will enable you to defeat the first three Giant Crabs in less than three hits. The best way to launch an effective attack is by provoking the Crab by moving up and down and not moving around them. This will take care of the space restriction in case of the First Crab.

Trying to end the fight as soon as you can ensures that your energy levels do not plummet below forty percent, and you will also do well to get some food when you move above before you re-launch the attack.

Another good option to keep in mind at this level of the game is that having a Baby Megalodon by your side apart from the Crab Fork and the right level of HP will also help in increasing your survive ability. Cutting off the food source to the Crabs is the best way that you can trigger their HP degeneration before you trigger the attack.

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